Smart Sales Secrets Workshop with Self-Made Salesmaster
Manuel De Vits

July 22—23 / Kyiv, Ukraine


You were asking when this will happen. After every conference and every meeting with Manuel, every inspiration that he is spreading around him. Even his presence already grows your sales.

And finally we launch it. Not a short talk on a conference about general topic, not a closed coaching session for a particilar company, but an open workshop for everybody who is in IT Sales!

So, welcome this sales workshop which is designed to teach you techniques you need to sell more: secrets of lead generation and prospecting, culture differences, social selling, cold messages and calls, strategies of visiting conferences and managing yout time to do all this effectively! What's more - Manuel teaches how to communicate in a European way, so that you are
trusted, respected and considered as a partner to buy from.

Do not miss out your chance to learn new techniques, become a true Sales European and start earing more already this summer!
Manuel - on his workshop programme
Workshop programme
Day 1. Everything about getting your leads remotely
Part 1. Lead Generation - Prospecting
  • How to do market research: a step by step guide to understand your buyer's journey
  • How to identify needs
  • Your ICP → How to discover it
  • Difference of culture, ways of thinking and ways of making a decision
  • Resources, tools & tactics to hack Lead Gen in the cheapest way - how to automate it
  • Outbound Leads vs Inbound Leads
  • The biggest prospecting challenge salespeople face in 2017
  • Building a prospecting machine
  • No more "Spray & Pray": a step by step guide to effective targeted Sales Prospecting
Part 2. Social Selling + a workshop on cold mailing, cold calling & cold messaging
  • Social Media & the use of it
  • Introduction to social selling
  • How to use Social Media for Lead Generation
  • Social Selling
  • A game
  • Cold Emailing, Cold Messaging, Cold Calling Templates
  • Practical exercise
  • Install new habits every day
  • How to get testimonials & referrals
Day 2. Everything about getting your leads onsite: Roadshows, Conferences and planning your time for it
Part 3. Visiting Prospects - Conferences
  • Understand the purpose & strategy
  • How to do it well
  • Get a long term benefit
  • Handle the leads
  • Closing deals - Timing
Part 4. Time Management + Workshop & game
  • Are you the Master of your own timing
  • Time, an elastic notion?
  • Where are we losing our time?
  • The 4 D → How to apply
  • Complete tasks & schedule
  • How to communicate & work in a structured way
  • Tips to create peace & limit stress
Part 5. Q&A - Brainstorming - Motivation
  • Discussion and summing up of all things learned.
  • Answering questions that left.
Coach / Consultant / Keynote Speaker / Mentor
(Marketing, Sales & Management)
Manuel De Vits
He has 20+ years in sales management and commercial development.
He is results driven, experienced and influential sales leader.
With great experience in the IT & Automotive industry in Western Europe, East Europe, and Japan.
Now focused on coaching, managing and mentoring businesses, CEOs and sales professionals all across Europe (West & East) on delivering real results.
Manuel De Vits is a Belgian specialist on Sales.

After a successful sales career in an automotive industry with sales up to 3.600.000€ per a deal he moved to IT.

He is currently running his own consultancy company, helping 10 sales teams in Ukraine + 2 in Belarus to increase their sales, does workshops in Ukraine, Luxembourg and Belgium on Sales, builds sales departments for larger companies.

He is also a great speaker: he was given the Award of Sales & Marketing Guru of the Year and the Best Speaker of the Conference on Outsource People Conference 2016 in Kyiv, was also invited to speak at KIOF, ITEM and other conferences.

With his knowledge, passion, talent to speak he already made a big difference for a lot of salespeople. And is ready to give more on this workshop.
Manuel runs workshops for salesprofessionals who are already for some time in business and want to increase their sales and improve their results.

The workshop is organized as a combination of theory, practice and games to maintain creative and inspiring atmosphere, perfect for practical learning of new skills and approaches.

We believe this workshop will really make a difference for those who will take part in it and help gain more profits both for salesprofessionals and for their companies.
Thank you so much for the consultation and for your speeches at the conference!
If you just start your way in IT Sales or you are an experienced sales person, I can strongly recommend Manuel. He has solid experience in sales, so he could provide a consultation, which is very helpful. In addition, he is able to build sales processes from scratch for your sales department. Each time he talk about some topic, he always supports it with practical advice and great real examples. So, you can implement this information and correct the way you work.

Manuel is an open person and passionate about the job that he is doing. His speeches are always motivating and help you look on your sales processes from the other side. He does not scary to share with information and experience he has.
Anastasiya Ivanchenko
Business Development Manager at Corewide
If to describe our meeting in three words - amazing, efficient, mega informational.

If to say some more words - that meeting was the crucial thing for me in understanding the whole sales process and transition from B2B to P2P way of negotiation. Manuel is the best interlocutor and coach and at the same time he is a really simple guy.

Manuel, thank you for your time and answers at all my questions. I hope that in future we can arrange one more meeting. Don`t stop and let`s rock)
Igor Bolshakov
CEO at production agency Oldmin Team
It is rare to find a real professional speaking real facts and figures on a conference, but I met one - this is Manuel De Vits. During presentation Manuel was speaking and providing not just general information, but real figures from his 20-years' experience. It is useful to adjust and apply following up process that Manuel recommended in our sales team. Thank you for sharing brilliant ideas and best practices. And good luck with new endeavors!
Orlova Darya
Head of Sales Department at HQSoftware
I was present at one of Manuel's conferences on sales. Manuel has an amazing amount of experience that he's able to pass on and share in a short amount of time. Manuel is obviously very good at what he does and enjoys sharing his experience with others. I also spoke to Manuel 1-on-1 after and found his advice and style very helpful. Thanks again!
Ryan M.
Founder at Hermes Digital


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